The Soul of Music
is analog

Do you love live music? Would you also like to enjoy this vivid, natural sound experience at home, in your own living room? Do you have a record collection that is close to your heart?

Then you should treat yourself to the high-quality technology and acoustics, with which you can experience listening pleasure in perfection. At Acoustic Solid, you will find everything you need for this: exclusive turntables, pickups and tonearms, phono amplifiers, and the corresponding accessories.

Who needs a record player anymore? Music is available digitally anytime and anywhere; people stream it and listen to it on their smartphones. Nevertheless, more and more music fans are asking themselves: Where does that leave the soul? The love? The passion?

The initial digital euphoria was followed by the revival of the vinyl record. Since a good ten years, record sales have once again been rising steeply. Enthusiastic record collectors are not only to be found in the over-forty generation; even younger people, who no longer know the record player from their own childhood, are now going into analog raptures.

The real, the authentic, and the tangible, character and individuality, care and sustainability instead of quickly produced, cheap consumer goods—all of this is experiencing a new level of appreciation today. Using a record player and black vinyl records demands care and respect, but also offers a more emotional, almost meditative quality of experience instead of just swiping across a display.
Above all this, however, is the inimitable timbre of the vinyl record. Regardless of the style of your favorite music, the tone quality is crucial for your listening pleasure; and here, music enthusiasts agree: Analog sound produced with an excellent HiFi system eclipses any digital reproduction.

Higher frequency range and stereophonic sound, more depth, plasticity and dynamics, warmth and naturalness—listening to a vinyl record with your eyes closed, you can almost feel as though you’re at a live concert.

The Most Beautiful Sound
In Top Quality

We manufacture our high-end record players entirely in our own manufactory and deliver them to more than forty countries around the world. In the world of vinyl fans, the Acoustic Solid brand stands for incomparable precision engineering and outstanding sound quality, even in the entry-level price categories. The value of the technology corresponds to the special design: Acoustic Solid builds exceptionally beautiful devices — eye-catching statements for music lovers who live their passion and like to show it.

At Acoustic Solid we produce by Hand in a Manufactory.

Handmade in Germany
Best in Class

We keep all manufacturing steps for our equipment and components in our own hands. Except for the motor, which we source from a top-quality industry leader, we manufacture and finish all our components ourselves.

To ensure best-in-class products, we do not aim for volume growth and mass production, but rather focus on smaller quantities and innovative developments. We constantly perfect our technologies and materials — always looking for the even better solution. Friends of the Acoustic Solid brand worldwide believe that you can hear our hand-crafted quality — for us, the best confirmation of our work.