Enjoy The Beauty
Of Your Favorite Music In Perfection

Acoustic Solid’s dazzling Aluminum Line combines refined aesthetics with cutting-edge technology and impressive performance. You can choose from several versions that differ in their technology, features, and design. What they all have in common is the brilliant sound. The finest sound structures are reproduced, and the resonance behavior is optimal. Here, everything is tuned to offer you inimitable listening pleasure of the highest perfection.

Handmade in Germany
Best in Class

With its wide range of models, the Aluminum Line provides every HiFi and music lover with exactly the chronograph-quality turntable that ideally suits their system. Each of these turntables sets top standards in its respective price class. All turntables in the series also offer a wide range of expansion options, for example with a second or even third tonearm base, a double substructure, or the full expansion stage with a stand and separate motor and microcontroller column. [mehr…]