With Heart And Hand
Creating The Best For Both The Eyes And The Ears

Acoustic Solid is a worldwide unique manufactory, where modern cutting-edge technologies are still created using genuine, traditional craftsmanship. With experience and skill—and heart and soul.

We are at home in the heartland of the Swabian inventor and tinkerer spirit, which is also in our genes. In our family business, we have been developing, designing, and manufacturing unique high-end turntables and corresponding accessories for twenty-five years, with which Acoustic Solid has become synonymous worldwide with audiophile precision “Made in Germany.”

Our Mission Is To Make Good Music Audible

„Music expresses that which cannot be said and about which it is impossible to be silent.“
– Victor Hugo

We love music and are dedicated to creating the technical means to reproduce music authentically and perfectly — as close to the live experience as possible.

The Team
Is The Star

The manufactory currently has six employees. Our competent and experienced precision mechanics, electronics technicians, and engineers in design and production are supported by administrative staff who also handle international shipping with all customs formalities.

The head, constructor, and designer is the mechanical engineer Karl Wirth, who founded the manufactory twenty-five years ago. The Wirth family also works in the company. As a small, dedicated team, we can achieve great things because we are united by the same values: precision, quality, and a great passion for good analog sound.

Spinning Across
Since 25 Years

It all started in 1996, at a time when the vinyl record had long since been declared dead, and no one could have guessed that analog listening would once again become as popular as we have been experiencing for the past few years. Certainly, high-quality devices like those from Acoustic Solid have contributed to this hype, bringing record listening to a new level.

Karl Wirth, at that time still employed in the automotive industry in the field of acoustics and precision instruments, always remained faithful to the record, but was dissatisfied with the range of players on offer. He thus decided to build “his” perfect record player himself. At home, at the lathe in his garage, he created his first belt-driven turntable with the programmatic name Solid One — it’s still in use today! [more…]